Exhibited in the Tate modern and Lowry galleries Millennium Exhibition 2004

Scotland, like the scene above is a uniquely beautiful country, with a people who have travelled the world and left a positive mark wherever there was Scottish footfall. This project intends to disturb the reflection on the waters of our nation long enough to allow a clear view of what lies beneath. What lies beneath is the story of Scotland and its achievements around the world as well as at home. It is my belief that this reflected view will be even more impressive with greater knowledge of our history. This project is but one small stone skipping across the surface, but in time it will encourage others to look more closely, and together the efforts of many will give a stronger sense of our own past. Like an iceberg, a large proportion of our nation’s story and character lies just out of sight. A clear view of this will bring solidity to the foundations of a strong nation, and throw down the challenge accepted by our ancestors ~


Effort in = Reward out         (Sir Tom Famer 2005.)



John Muir worked tirelessly throughout his life to promote the need for conservation. When he started in the late 1880’s the environment was under sustained pressure for development and yet by the time he died in 1914, the nation had awoken to the need for the wise use of its natural resources. By helping to promote this enlightened approach to the natural resource provided by nature, John Muir not only secured a place of affection in the story of a nation but he helped secure the preservation of areas of outstanding natural beauty that have fed the soul of the nation ever since. 


Muir’s three night camping trip with President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 gave him the opportunity to persuade the President to return Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove to federal protection as part of the Yosemite National Park. Sequoia, Grand Canyon and Mt Rainier were also named as national parks. 








‘You come from a race of men the very wind of whose name has swept to the ultimate seas’

Sir James Barrie ; Recotrial Address to students of St Andrews University.

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